Visit Flanders

Are you curious about all there is to see in Flanders?
Why not venture inside one of the thousands of historic buildings and be amazed! The vast range of museums, castles and religious buildings offers something for everyone.
Nature lovers will not be disappointed either as there is an abundance of options for them too.

Browse around, explore, visit and experience: you can do it all!

Useful Links

  • Accessible Flanders

  • You will find a great deal of information on this website to prepare your holiday or trip according to your specific needs and requirements.

  • Accessible Day Trips in Flanders and Brussels

  • This brochure provides an overview of the options for accessible day trips in Flanders and Brussels. Most of the information in this pack is therefore primarily aimed at people with a physical disability. But we do include initiatives that offer extra facilities for other types of impairment as well

  • We Travel 2

  • WeTravel2 offers special travel plans for people with temporary or permanent physical disability which travel fun comes first!

  • Visit Flanders

  • The official website of the Belgian Government about tourism in Flanders

  • Toerism Malle

  • The official website of the Toerism in the city of Malle

  • Visit Antwerp

  • Antwerp in a nutshell? These are the must-sees during your visit.

  • Toerisme Turnhout

  • The official website of the Toerism in the city of Turnhout


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